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Category: Wood Design Awards

Nominations now open for 2020 Wood Design Awards

“There’s been a lot of focus on taller wood buildings, and it will be exciting to see some of those nominated,” said Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks’ President and CEO. “But the awards are a chance to celebrate excellence at many scales; to acknowledge the innovative use of new and traditional systems or techniques; and to recognize building designers across the country who express wood structure in creative ways.”

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2019 Wood Design Awards winners display aesthetics, ingenuity and sustainability in wood building design

“I’ve heard people call it a wood revolution but whatever the term, this year’s nominees seem to reflect genuine interest in maximizing the potential of wood building design in this country,” said Jennifer Cover, WoodWorks’ President and CEO. “At one end of the spectrum, winners include an 8-story apartment building, which exemplifies the interest we’re seeing in taller wood structures; at the other, an adaptive re-use project that includes original wood framing from the 1880s. As always, it’s interesting to read the motivations for using wood—from innovation and a more sustainable built environment, which often go hand in hand, to resilience, economics, and the desire for a modern, exposed wood aesthetic. Once again, a common thread is that this year’s winning projects showcase the use of wood in all its versatile glory.”

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Nominations Now Open for 2019 Wood Design Awards

“Wood buildings have been impressing people for centuries and they keep getting better,” said Jennifer Cover, PE, WoodWorks’ President and CEO. “If I had to choose one word to describe the current state of wood building design, it would be ‘innovative.’ Products like cross-laminated timber and nail-laminated timber are expanding the opportunities for wood—and there are a lot of pioneering designers out there leveraging this newfound creative potential. However, there are also a lot of designers using traditional wood products in innovative ways—to create buildings that are extraordinary for their elegance or how they meet specific performance objectives. I can’t wait to see the ways people have expressed wood’s attributes in this year’s nominations.”

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WoodWorks extends deadline for 2018 U.S. Wood Design Awards

WoodWorks has extended the deadline for its 2018 U.S. Wood Design Awards. The awards recognize excellence in wood design, engineering, and construction, as well as innovative projects that showcase attributes of wood such as strength, beauty, versatility, cost effectiveness, and sustainability. The extended deadline for nominations is October 13, 2017.

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WoodWorks issues ‘Call for Nominations’ for the 2018 U.S. Wood Design Awards

“Wood Design Awards are a way to celebrate ingenuity in wood design,” said Jennifer Cover, PE, President and CEO of WoodWorks. “We meet a lot of building designers who are excited to leverage wood’s potential, whether it’s to maximize the value of a student housing project or luxury condominium by increasing the number of stories, attract quality tenants with a stunning office building, or design a carbon-neutral school. We look forward to hearing the stories behind this year’s winning projects, and inspiring others with their designs.”

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2017 Wood Design Awards event in B.C. celebrates the best in wood design and building

Excellence in contemporary design and building with wood was celebrated March 6, 2017 in Vancouver at the Wood Design Awards in B.C. More than 400 distinguished design and building professionals gathered for the 13th annual event at the Vancouver Convention Centre (West), including architects, structural engineers, project teams, local government, industry sponsors and guests. Winners and nominees of the Wood WORKS! BC 2017 Wood Design Awards were honoured and recognized for their leadership and innovation in structural and architectural wood use.

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