PRISM asked building materials manufacturers for information about some of their latest and/or most innovative sustainable products which architects might considering specifying for their next project. We asked manufacturers why an architect would specify their product and where an one could find more information.

PRISM compiled this information in a guide, listing products by category types in alphabetical order. You can read the entire Specifiers’ Guide to Green Building Products or click on a category or company listed below for specific information.

Our goal is to grow this to include additional sustainable building products while listing some of the more innovative products which have proven timeless. We invite architects, specifiers, consultants, facility managers, and anyone else involved in specifying building materials, to give us feedback and make requests for products you are most interested in seeing.



Specifiers’ Guide to Green Building Products


Sto RapidGuard

Sto RapidGuard is a single-component, multi-use air barrier and waterproofing material that seals rough openings, seams, sheathing joints, cracks, penetrations, and transitions in above-grade wall construction.  The material is fast-drying, and its flexible coverage makes it easy to provide high-quality air and moisture control across multiple applications.  It has excellent elongation, allowing it to bridge cracks and seams in wall construction without tearing or compromising the established air and moisture barrier.  It works seamlessly with Sto waterproofing air barrier membranes, and is compatible with concrete, concrete masonry, brick, gypsum sheathing, wood, galvanized material, and cement-based sheathings.  There is no need for tape, mesh or fabric, and it can easily be applied without the use of special tools or applicator training.

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AIR-SHIELD LMP water-based air and liquid moisture barrier cures to form a tough, seamless, elastomeric membrane specifically formulated to allow vapor to pass through it. Its high permeability allows the transmission of water vapor, while exhibiting excellent resistance to air leakage. AIR-SHIELD LMP’s versatility offers superior adhesion to most common new construction and retrofit applications even when applied over damp surfaces. AIR-SHIELD LMP’s water-based formula features low VOC content allowing for simple, safe application and easy cleanup. Use nails and fasteners without compromising performance with AIR-SHIELD LMP’s self-sealing functionality. More information about AIR-SHIELD LMP can be found at



The EXTECH SKYSHADE 8000® standing seam, translucent canopy system is engineered for long spans, snow loading conditions and to withstand extreme wind loads including in hurricane-prone areas. The system’s continuous runs accommodate panels up to 54 feet long, and provide daylighting, UV screening and impact resistance without leak prone intermediate horizontal mullions. Optional coatings for the glazing panels enhance solar heat gain management and diffuse lighting without glare. Its durable framing system uses recycled aluminum as standard and, after its useful life as part of a canopy, the metal is 100 percent recyclable.
Photo by Cory Klein

Ceiling materials

Decoustics Clean-Air Claro®

Decoustics Clean-Air Claro® features the aesthetic of drywall in an acoustically transparent stipple textured design that boasts exceptional sound absorption with Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) values of up to 0.9. Decoustics Clean-Air Claro® panels are pre-curved and custom-engineered to attain a wide range of unique shapes and sizes while achieving a 94% light reflectance value. The panels can also be matched to any paint chip to meet specific design requirements. The high-performance panel is manufactured using a high percentage of recycled content with no-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) components. Given this material composition, the panel releases virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing LEED accreditation points and meeting Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) 4.1 standards.

Rockfon® Medical™ range acoustic stone wool ceiling products

Rockfon® Medical™ range stone wool ceiling panels are MRSA resistant, and easy to clean and disinfect. They are made from abundant basalt rock, which naturally provides acoustic performance, fire protection and humidity resistance. As the panels do not hold moisture and not made from organic material, they also resist microorganisms and mold without added biocides. The panels’ smooth white surface reflects 83-86 percent of available light, enhancing energy efficiency and contributing to reduced cooling costs. The panels also contain up to 42 percent recycled material and have earned UL® Environment’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low-emitting products. Rockfon® Medical™ Air, Rockfon® Medical™ Plus and Rockfon® Medical™ Standard

Closure Solution

Extreme® 300 Series MicroCoil™ Grille

The company’s newest product, MicroCoil allows architects, designers and facility managers to maximize clear openings by significantly reducing coil size. Instead of a 24” headroom requirement, MicroCoil reduces this number to just 13”, making it an important product for meeting ADA Standards for renovated parking facilities and other structures. It also offers the same performance, durability and longevity attributes as other Extreme 300 Series products, along with 2 year/300,000 cycle component warranty. This product contributes to sustainability initiatives because of its high life cycle (decreasing product replacement/limiting waste to landfills).


Coatings – Coil and extrusion

Brushed Stainless and Copper color anodize finishes

Linetec offers specialty anodize finishes for aluminum in Brushed Stainless and Copper colors Copper anodize retains its luster without patina. Brushed Stainless anodize mimics the appearance of stainless steel at less cost than real steel.

Linetec’s anodize finishes meet AAMA 611 Class I industry standards and may be specified with recycled content. Linetec’s anodize produce no harmful or dangerous by-products, and are non-hazardous. Compared with conventional anodize processes, Lintec’s eco-friendly anodize process reduces landfill waste by 75-80 percent and the anodize aluminum also is 100 percent recyclable. Landfill waste directly relates to the production of greenhouse gas.

ALL CATEGORIES: Coatings – Coil and extrusion; Exterior; and Faux finishes/decorative/specialty.

Coatings – Exterior

Edison: Natural Cement has been used in the construction of some of our nation’s most important landmark buildings and structures, including the U. S. Capitol.

Rosendale Natural Cement Products®

Natural cement is made at much lower temperatures than portland cement. The difference is about 800 degrees and this allows much less fuel to be burned. The estimated reduction in CO2 is on the order of 600 pounds per ton of cement. There is also a considerable reduction in the energy requirements for grinding, as natural cement does not form a hard clinker. Natural Cement has an impressive 200-year performance history. While modern portland cements embrittle with age, Natural Cement retains its resilience, providing high performance and low maintenance over a building’s extended life cycle.

ALL CATEGORIES:  Coatings — Exterior cement wash; Facade— Brick Mortar, Concrete/Masonry Mortar (and Cement), Stucco, and Structural Grouts; and Structural — Concrete and Masonry Mortars.

StoColor Lotusan

StoColor® Lotusan® is a smooth, vertical, above grade exterior wall coating with Lotus-Effect® technology for concrete, stucco, masonry, and ci wall systems. StoColor Lotusan exterior coating possesses a highly water-repellent, self-cleaning surface similar to that of the lotus leaf.  Its micro-structure has been modeled on the lotus plant to minimize the contact area for water and dirt.  The surface lowers maintenance costs by extending cleaning and re-coating cycles, with improved resistance to mold, mildew and algae. It is UV-stable and has excellent color retention.

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Coatings – Interior (wall and ceiling)


BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior is a durable, long-lasting, zero VOC (<5g/L) paint that stands up to everything life throws at it. It seals surfaces to create a scrubbable finish that resists mildew, stains and moisture.

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® is a zero VOC (<5g/L) Paint & Primer in One that meets LEED® and GREENGUARD® GOLD requirements, offering indoor environmental air quality.

For more information on BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint and other BEHR products, visit To learn more about the GREENGUARD® GOLD certification, visit


PPG Paints™ PURE PERFORMANCE® paint, sold at PPG Paints stores and independent retailers nationwide, is formulated to provide excellent hiding and ease of application in addition to low odor, zero VOCs*, and anti-microbial properties resulting from the incorporation of a preservative which inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and algae on the dry paint film. Pure Performance is GreenGuard Gold Certified and meets the emissions and materials disclosure criteria for LEED v4. *It is important to note that colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC levels significantly depending on color choice.


JEB 3Seal® HM+

The JEB 3Seal HM+ spacer offers significant aesthetic and energy-efficient advantages. The high-modulus silicone secondary seal minimizes PIB migration, providing clear, straight sightlines. It also offers 35 percent higher design strength, allowing for a narrower air cavity in an IGU, and 10.4 percent more argon gas retention than standard sealants, based on ASTM 2190 testing. An IGU incorporating the JEB 3Seal HM+ spacer will retain its argon gas longer over other insulating glass systems, maximizing energy savings and extending the units service life. JEB 3Seal HM+ spacer is made from thermoset structural silicone with integral 3A desiccant, which allows for minimal thermal conductivity, higher edge-of-glass temperatures, and an improved condensation resistance factor.

You can view the JEB 3Seal HM+ Warm-Edge Spacer video, download the brochure and specifications by visiting

YUW 750 TU Thermally Broken, Unitized Curtain Wall

The YUW 750 TU is a thermally broken, unitized curtain wall that delivers a high level of design versatility and performance, regardless of climate or location. In addition to the fast, easy installation benefits of being unitized, it offers design freedom with options for a 2 1/2 inch captured frame or a 4-sided structural silicone glazed frame with zero sightline for a modern look. Sustainable performance is achieved with a U-value of 0.41 Btu/hr ft2 oF or less. Additionally, the YUW 750 TU easily interfaces with sun shades to yield greater performance. Visit to learn more.

Facade —Brick

Fired-Clay Brick

Fired-clay brick exteriors and pavers allow virtually unlimited design freedom with earth-friendly sustainability. Brick’s tested superior durability, moisture resistance, seismic strength and performance in extreme weather offers a minimum one-hour fire rating by itself. Made from abundant natural clay and shale, fired-clay brick is available in many colors that do not fade, does not off-gas volatile organize compounds (VOCs) or other toxic materials with a 100-year lifespan. Current palette trends and options include crisp whites, grays, lighter colors, thin brick and glazed brick, bold colors and burgundies. For brick resources by state, technical notes, and much more, go to:

Facade — Glass, Insulating Glass Unit

Mountain views, energy efficiency highlight new Ent Center at UC Colorado Springs. Photography by Tom Kessler

Solarban 90 Solar Control Low-E Glass

Solarban 90 glass combines industry-leading solar control performance with a true neutral-reflective clear-glass aesthetic. United with clear glass in a standard 1-inch IGU, Solarban 90 glass has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23, visible light transmittance of 51 percent and an LSG ratio of 2.22. Solarban 90 glass facilitates the use of smaller HVAC systems to reduce initial capital expenditures and long-term cooling costs. It also enables architects to design buildings with larger expanses of glass to promote daylighting, diminish the need for artificial lighting and connect building occupants to the outdoors.


Tubelite Therml=Block® TU24650 storefront

Tubelite Inc.’s Therml=Block® TU24650 Series storefront system features aluminum framing with a dual pocket poured-and-debridged thermal break. Even in extreme cold climates, TU24650 dual thermally broken storefront improves U-Factors by 36 percent and increases CRF by 30 percent over a single poured-and-debridged pocket when using the same size and type of insulated glass. Optimizing thermal performance helps lower the load on HVAC systems and reduce associated energy costs, while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Reducing condensation can improve a building’s appearance and sanitation, and minimize damage to adjacent materials. The framing also can be specified in high recycled-content aluminum composition.


Cedar Rapids Public Library (Cedar Rapids, IA)- LEED Platinum

Sage Electrochromics, Inc.

SageGlass® is advanced dynamic glass that can be electronically tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings.  SageGlass enables you to control sunlight and glare without blinds or shades, maintaining your view and connection to the outdoors and significantly reducing energy consumption. With an ever growing list of LEED certified installations, SageGlass is committed to USGBC’s mission of sustaining eco-friendly building interiors and conserving energy, benefitting everyone in the built environment.

TGI®-Spacer M spacer

TGI®-Spacer M is a warm edge plastic hybrid stainless steel spacer which improves thermal performance and condensation resistance of an insulating glass unit.  It also provides structural performance and IG seal durability.  It allows for more glazing without taking an energy, comfort or indoor air quality penalty.  6 color choices are available, and can be used in bent glass and radius shapes.  It reduces the overall fenestration u-value, which increases the energy efficiency for the lifecycle of the building.  It received the Cradle to Cradle Institute’s Platinum Level Material Health Certificate.  Find out more about how to specify at

Window Film

3M™ Commercial Window Film

3M™ Sun Control Window Films provide a cost-effective solution for meeting building codes for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or U-value. Window films are effective in reducing glare, providing occupant comfort by reducing hot spots from the sun’s heat and providing UV protection to building interiors.

3M Sun Control Window films reduce the solar heat gain coefficient of current windows to reduce the solar load entering a building. The building HVAC system will have a smaller load to cool, thus reducing operational energy use. 3M™ Thinsulate films can improve the U-value of the windows to reduce the need to run heating systems in the winter as well.

In remodeling projects, 3M Sun Control Films can be used to upgrade the current windows rather than replacing them. This decreases project waste by not sending the windows to a landfill.

For more information on 3M™ Sun Control Window Films, please visit: