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Better Together: A Global Gateway to Acoustical Design

Stepping off a plane and into the new Calgary International Airport (YYC) is a transformative experience. Natural materials, including wood, metal and stone channel the essence of the surrounding region, while expansive windows show off views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Designers from around Canada worked for several years to cultivate a design that blended aesthetic beauty with functionality and sustainability.

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Gypsum Association revises five technical documents

Late in 2016, the Gypsum Association (GA) released five revised technical documents. GA-220-2016 Gypsum Board Winter Related Installation Recommendations; GA-223-2016 Gypsum Panel Products, Types, Uses, and Standards; GA-226-2016 Application of Gypsum Board to Form Curved Surface; GA-234-2016 Control Joints for Fire Resistance Rated Systems, and GA-338-2016 Guidelines for Prevention of Mold Growth on Gypsum Board have been updated to reflect current best practices. As a service to the design and construction community, these documents, and more than thirty additional technical documents, are available for free download through the GA Bookstore.

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Gypsum Association launches web-based application dedicated to specialized performance panels

The Gypsum Association (GA) is pleased to announce the release of two web-based applications devoted to the proper specification, installation, storage, and use of specialized performance gypsum panel products. Research conducted by the Gypsum Association indicated that awareness and understanding of specialized performance panels among architects, specifiers and other A/E/C professionals is less than optimal. Covering both commercial and multi-family structures, these new additions to the GA website are aimed at addressing that information gap by providing essential—yet impartial—information in one place.

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414 Light Street to stand as the tallest residential tower in Baltimore. Credit: Questar Properties

414 Light Street to stand as the tallest residential tower in Baltimore. Credit: Questar Properties


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