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Michael Frisina of Ashley McGraw Architects Receives Passive House Consultant Certification

Ashley McGraw Architects announces Michael Frisina, Associate AIA, LEED AP, CPHC has been named a Certified Passive House Consultant by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS). Frisina said, “Passive House principles—a tight building envelope, super-efficient insulation, and reduced mechanical loads—are applicable to all building types. Our designs for schools, housing, and community projects incorporate these and other strategies, all with the goal of using 90% less energy than equivalent, conventionally-designed buildings.”

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Passive Housing

As a market leader in housing design for more than 20 years, Ankrom Moisan knows how to create vibrant communities where people thrive. We draw on our deep experience creating many types of projects—not just other residential buildings, but also hospitality, healthcare, and community centers. Through careful integration of Passive House strategies, we are able to create durable and affordable communities that mitigate outdoor noise, have superior indoor air quality and balanced thermal comfort, and reduce energy bills by up to 90%. Through this fusion of knowledge, we are able to create places that improve human health, reduce energy consumption, and empower communities.

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“Tiny Solar House” transitions from concept to permanent home

Meadowlark Design + Build has been contracted to restore the Michigan Solar House. The Michigan Solar House is an innovative 660-square foot, solar-powered home collaboratively designed and built by an interdisciplinary team of architecture students and faculty from Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at The University of Michigan for the 2005 Solar Decathlon, in Washington, DC.

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Affordable Housing Meets Rigorous Passive House Standards

This collaborative effort is a milestone for Passive House design in North America. A 57-unit affordable housing project, Orchards at Orenco, Phase I is the largest Passive House project on this continent. Located in Hillsboro in the heart of the Silicon Forest tech companies, these units are geared towards providing inexpensive but quality places for people working lower income support jobs at larger companies, earning no more than approximately 50-60% of the MFI.

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Most read in March 2018

INTRODUCTION: THE ECONOMICS OF BIOPHILIA by Terrapin Bright Green. This series argues in favor of biophilic design by examining scientific studies of nature’s effect on productivity and human health in a variety of built environments, and assigning economic values to these outcomes to promote the broad adoption of biophilic design. Photo: Highline Park, New York. Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns /Flickr

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