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RSC Architects Completes Design Work on The Office Tavern Grill in Ridgewood, NJ

“As architect of record on the project, RSC was able to bring the restaurant up to date, incorporating modern hospitality trends that appeal to a wider range of customers,” says RSC Architects’ senior project manager, Ralph Walker. “We were able to blend technical restaurant elements, including point of sale and low wattage signage, with high-end aesthetics to create a welcoming atmosphere and a more efficient establishment consistent with the updated brand.”

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Expansion of COR Cellars winery

COR Cellars is located on Old Highway 8 just outside of Lyle, Washington in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Within a designated National Scenic Area, the site offers stunning views to the surrounding carved mountainsides characteristic of the gorge and to the south across the river to Mount Hood. The project is a large expansion to an existing winery founded in 2004 by owner Luke Bradford.

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Temporary ‘wooden box’ becomes attractive market hall

The architectural agency Tengbom saw the potential in the exceptional circumstances. As part of the refurbishment project, they designed the concept of a temporary, modular wooden building that could built alongside the old hall. Tengbom wanted to promote sustainable construction, and Kerto LVL was the ideal choice for that.

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Most read in March 2018

INTRODUCTION: THE ECONOMICS OF BIOPHILIA by Terrapin Bright Green. This series argues in favor of biophilic design by examining scientific studies of nature’s effect on productivity and human health in a variety of built environments, and assigning economic values to these outcomes to promote the broad adoption of biophilic design. Photo: Highline Park, New York. Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns /Flickr

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