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When THEVERYMANY debut a new project in its final form, you can be sure that it has assumed many more guises over the course of its development. HYPARBOLE is no exception: it is the elegant outcome of focused research, countless models, and sometimes multiple prototypes. Our winning 2013 competition entry for this contemporary public art project at the Rhode Island College Fine Arts Center updates 20th-century structural experimentation within the contemporary paradigm of computational production. Here, we take Candela’s 4-12 centimeters of concrete to just 3 millimeters of aluminum.

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PPG architectural metal coatings at FACADES+

PPG announced that its coil and building products business are exhibiting at FACADES+ Los Angeles at The L.A. Hotel Downtown this week. PPG representatives are providing information, answering questions and distributing literature about premium DURANAR® and CORAFLON® metal coatings throughout the two-day event

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Mediamesh University: Transforming University Buildings with Dynamic Media Façades

As architects, designers and facility managers seek to transform the traditional and staid façades of educational facilities into dynamic, vivid communication mediums, they have increasingly turned to transparent media façades constructed of metal mesh. While metal mesh and metal fabric have been used for decades in institutional architecture and design, it is only recently that the A&D community has begun to incorporate media-enabled products into college campuses around the country.

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AkzoNobel invests in enhanced color capabilities for coil coatings at Columbus site

AkzoNobel, a leading manufacturer of coil coatings for the metal construction industry, announces the completion of a new, dedicated color mixing cell for its TRINAR® coatings at the Columbus, OH production facility. Designed to provide the highest level of quality and service to coil coating customers, the cell is equipped with a new state-of-the-art Automatic Dosing Unit (ADU) and incorporates the most advanced quality inspection techniques. These enhanced capabilities will enable high color precision and faster paint production.

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414 Light Street to stand as the tallest residential tower in Baltimore. Credit: Questar Properties

414 Light Street to stand as the tallest residential tower in Baltimore. Credit: Questar Properties


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