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Gateway to the West: Kansas City University Center for Medical Education Innovation

The overarching design statement for the Kansas City University Center for Medical Education Innovation aligns with the university’s commitment to reach beyond campus to the greater community, explains Ben Bye, Associate, CO Architects. “The construction of the envelope was big. We needed to showcase the educational innovation happening inside the building to the campus and the city beyond.” The design team specified GKD Omega 1520 metal fabric for its ability to deliver shading, transparency and beauty with long-term durability.

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Branch Technology completes the first 3D-printed commercial building envelope in the United States

Branch Technology has created another category defining project with Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union’s newest office building.  This is the first 3D printed GFRC façade in the world; it also defines several other categories, the first commercial building with a 3D printed building envelope in the US, and the first freeform 3D printed composite project ever. 

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Cradle to Cradle® inspired “Project Legacy” building, designed by William McDonough + Partners, comes to life

William McDonough + Partners celebrates the opening of “Project Legacy,” the landmark 20,000 square meter building designed by William McDonough + Partners for Universidad EAN (UEAN) in Bogotá, Colombia. Instruction in the building will center on Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy principles, but Project Legacy has already become a “living lab” for sustainability, and has proven, in conjunction with the University, the City of Bogotá, and local construction and building materials industries, that green building projects can support Circular Economy ecosystems.

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Historic Newark Symphony Hall unveils new façade, streetscape design

Newark Symphony Hall (NSH), New Jersey’s largest Black-led arts and entertainment venue, today unveiled designs for its exterior renovation – part of a five-year, three-phase $50 million project set to wrap on the venue’s 100th birthday in 2025. The design, from Trenton, N.J.-based architectural firm Clarke Caton Hintz (CCH), includes a new marquee and streetscape.

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The Beacon at South Market in New Orleans

The EskewDumezRipple-designed Beacon is a 172,000-square-foot, seven-story residential building that takes its inspiration from the city’s historic French Quarter courtyard buildings. In contrast to the typical residential courtyard block accessible only to the residents of the building, this courtyard opens directly onto Girod Street; creating an amenity not only for the building, but the neighborhood and new development as a whole. This provides a calming oasis for the 126 residential units and a unique public space in which to live and escape the hustle and bustle of a thriving commercial corridor. The development is enhanced by 20,000 square feet of ground-floor retail which is integrated into the project. 

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Glen-Gery launches Terraçade ceramic cladding system

Glen-Gery Corporation, a part of Brickworks Limited of Australia, announced yesterday the launch of Terraçade, its first-ever ceramic façade cladding system designed and created to appeal to both creative and practical applications. “Today’s architects and designers are not only looking for advanced building solutions, but also stylish products that will make a statement,” said Mark Ellenor, President, Brickworks North America. “Driven by innovation, the new Terraçade system provides fire resistance, low-maintenance upkeep, and design versatility to meet diverse architectural and design styles.”

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Design Office in Austin, Texas

Located on North Lamar Boulevard just north of downtown Austin, Clayton Korte’s office embodies the firm’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and to fostering discourse in the design community. Officially named Design Office, the mid-century office space is home to two design practices, Clayton Korte and Word + Carr Design Group, a landscape architecture firm.

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YKK AP appoints Ramsey Fadel to executive vice president and general manager of Erie Architectural Products Group

YKK AP America Inc. (YKK AP) today announced Ramsey Fadel as executive vice president and general manager of subsidiary, Erie Architectural Products Group (Erie AP). Fadel will now oversee day-to-day operations for Erie AP. He succeeds founder and president of Erie AP, Ron Stronks, who will retire from day-to-day operations to serve as a management consultant and continuing member of Erie Architectural Products Board of Directors, where he will provide invaluable strategic insight. 

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