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Sustainability in Healthcare Interior Design

When designing for healthcare, there is a delicate balance between sustainability and performance. It is critical for products to perform to the rigors of 24/7 use and stand up to harsh cleaning practices. Thankfully, manufacturers have risen to the challenge. There have been leaps and bounds made in the technologies used to produce these green, yet resilient products.

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Building reuse brings healthcare closer to the community

Increasingly, we are called upon to transform underutilized retail buildings into healthcare environments. What’s driving this? Why is building reuse a good option for expanding healthcare providers? “Building reuse brings healthcare closer to the community” authored by Matt Eastman, Principal, Stantec, discusses the benefits and design challenges to building reuse in healthcare projects.

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The Economics of Biophilia: Schools

It is time to start relying on our affinity to nature to design schools that use biophilic standards to complement the efforts being made to improve educational curricula. The lessons from the healthcare and other sectors show that their biophilic standards decrease costs while improving outcomes. Keeping children in school until they graduate and helping them to focus their attention on learning has immense benefits to society at large.

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Sustainability of Mass Timber Buildings

The construction and operation of buildings accounts for nearly half of all emissions linked to global warming. The building design and construction community has responded to this fact by improving the energy efficiency of buildings and by building with low embodied carbon materials. The structural system is the primary contributor to the overall embodied carbon footprint of a building. This aspect has led designers to explore low embodied carbon structural materials such as mass timber.

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The Importance of Garage Door Wind Load

In advance of hurricane season, there’s often a lot of questions about hurricane proof doors and how to protect buildings from damage. It’s no surprise that rolling doors are often areas of great concern, as any opening or hole in the building is a natural pressure point that must be able to withstand great wind forces in a hurricane. That’s where the term “wind load” comes in, and it comes in two flavors – “Design” and “Test.” Let’s take a closer look.

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How to Design Zero Energy Buildings for School Projects

Recently, many K-12 school facilities have been designed and constructed to achieve zero energy building goals. Investing in zero energy buildings for school developments is a logical approach, as school districts typically own and operate the facility for a long period of time. While there is a premium initial cost related to achieve the target, the long-term life cycle benefits can offset the initial investment. Life cycle cost and return on investment analysis shall be part of the design process starting on day one to achieve optimal value within the project budget.

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Building with Timber: A Sustainable and Effective Alternative to Traditional Building Materials

Timber construction offers several advantages to the building industry, including: sustainability – timber is a renewable and naturally regenerating resource; structural versatility – timber offers strength and durability; and visual appeal – timber delivers an aesthetically pleasing, natural beauty. Two commonly found types of prefabricated, engineered wood products are glued laminated timber and cross-laminated timber.

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Decontaminate Your Fire Station Design

“In the past decade, more firefighters have died from cancer than running into burning buildings, saving communities from hazardous waste spills, or protecting neighborhoods from active shooter situations,” explained Harold Schaitberger, General President of the IAFF in an interview with Fire Engineering magazine. Such statements have spurred architects to reconsider their approach to fire station design.

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The Economics of Biophilia: Workplace

Companies across a widening range of industries from technology to manufacturing, have had similar success using their biophilic workplace and green building to entice top prospective employees to join their organization. The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in Manhattan was designed as an iconic building and to ensure that 90% of all employees had views to parks, green roofs and/or rivers, with the explicit purpose of attracting and retaining the best employees. This shift to incorporate nature into workplace design continues as companies see the financial benefits of biophilic workplaces.

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Creating a housing plan to support and engage a student throughout their academic career

While there are many campus specific factors that go in to student housing master-planning, the points in this study should serve as basic guide to get you started. When completed, a strong student housing implementation plan will provide a lively hub of student life on campus – promoting academic discourse, lasting personal connections, and a deep bond to the university overall. The result is higher academic success, leading to a higher graduation rate, that will lead to a lucrative career. A student that has fully engaged in the campus activity and traditions is more likely to return as an active alumni or donor supporting the next generation of students to succeed on your campus.

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Editor’s pick – Takeda Global Headquarters

Takeda Global Headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan. In the 1st floor entrance space, a large circular stone filled with flowing water and light symbolizes “the source of life”, and wooden artwork made of three-dimensional kanji motifs for “water” and “light” lines the walls.

Takeda Global Headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan. In the 1st floor entrance space, a large circular stone filled with flowing water and light symbolizes “the source of life”, and wooden artwork made of three-dimensional kanji motifs for “water” and “light” lines the walls.

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