The Jack Daniels Employee Resource Center in Lynchburg, Tennessee, is a place for employees to play a quick pick-up game or get a work-out in during the day. Years of play on the polypropylene tiles of the old converted building started to show some wear. Curling edges of the tile were a safety hazard and the thin pad under the tiles provided minimal shock absorption.  When it came time to install, refinish and repaint the floor in fall of 2016, Jack Daniels turned to Covington Flooring Company.

The Jack Daniels Employee Resource Center after the refinishing project. Courtesy of Jack Daniels.

The Jack Daniels Employee Resource Center after the refinishing project. Courtesy of Jack Daniels

“The floor in our Employee Resource Center gets some wear and tear,” said Stephen Jones, Director Human Resources, Jack Daniels. “Durability of the new floor was important and we also wanted to do our best to ensure the products and systems used on the floor were healthy for our employees and environmentally friendly.”

The Bona waterborne system was determined to be the best choice for the job. In addition to a more environmentally friendly process, a full water borne system is proved to save time and provide a crisp, vibrant look. Jack Daniels wanted to provide a floor finish that would preserve the beauty of the new wood floor, stain and most importantly the trademark Jack Daniels No. 7 logo. The Bona HD finish provided the high definition and durability needed for such a high traffic area.

“This was a unique opportunity to provide a wood sport floor to not only look beautiful, but to also create a healthier environment for Jack Daniels employees. The health facility was occupied during the installation so odor had to be minimal. For such a special client, with a clear goal of utilizing the best possible product to keep the artwork looking fresh, the Bona system was the clear choice to deliver the best, most durable waterborne line of products on the market,” said Erica Parker, Sales Manager, Covington Flooring. “Not to mention it was an honor to work in the Jack Daniel’s facility – an American legend.”

A view from the sideline of the Jack Daniels Employee Resource Center. Courtesy of Jack Daniels.

A view from the sideline of the Jack Daniels Employee Resource Center. Courtesy of Jack Daniels

First, a new, maple high performance system floor by Robbins Sport Surfaces, Bio Channel Star, was installed and abraded with the Bona Multi-Disc to prepare the floor. Next, the team added the Bona DriFast Red Mahogany stain to the three-point arc on the sport floor and then sealed the floor with two coats of Bona DTS sealer. The floor game lines and logos were painted with Bona’s water-based SuperSport Paint. Finally, the floor was finished with Bona SuperSport Finish Coat and then a top layer of the BonaSuper Sport HD Finish Coat, a premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish specifically formulated for professional use on maple sport floors that is used on most NBA and NCAA sport floors across the US.

“Not only did the floor look much more polished and professional it brought a level of pride to our employees at Jack Daniels,” noted Jones. “It was the perfect match-up of product, refinish expertise and quality service.”


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