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Author: Jacob Tsimanis, PE, WELL AP, LEED AP, CPMP & BCxP

Four Pillars of Sustainability for Behavioral Health Environment

Actions and design choices which promote and protect our sustainable natural environment, promote higher levels of emotional health. There are four major components which are considered in Sustainable Behavioral Health. They are Natural Light, Acoustics, Biophilia, and Natural Ventilation. Integration of all components into a build space will help create a build environment to support and promote the behavioral of patients.

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Second wave of sustainability for healthcare

One of the major issues outlined in the WELL building standard is biophilia.  Biophilia posits that humans have an affinity towards the natural world and strives to address our psychological needs to be around life and life-like processes. Biophilic design is all about engaging with nature to assist with a patient’s healing process.  Exposure to views and images of nature positively impact a patient’s well-being, can help improve a patient’s emotional state, and as a result speeds up the healing and recovery process.

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Roadmap for Designing Net Zero Labs

Laboratories tend to be the most energy intensive facilities, and as result pose the greatest challenge meeting a Net Zero goal. Planning and developing laboratory facilities with a Net Zero approach will more than likely increase costs during the initial phases of a project. However, if done properly, the long-term benefits (should/will/may) provide a smaller carbon footprint, will maximize energy efficiency and will also result in the most cost-effective operational approach for a facility.

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Cradle to Cradle Certified products

The Cradle to Cradle program certifies products based on five quality categories—material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness. Click here to see a list of building supply & materials, as well as other products, that are Cradle to Cradle certified.