HOUSTON–Luis Vidal + architects, an international architectural practice, soars high with London Heathrow Terminal 2, first airport in the world to have an excellent BREEAM certification.

Luis Vidal + architects is comprised of more than 150 international architects skilled in a wide range of disciplines, including planning, building and industrial design. The London Heathrow Terminal 2 is the the winner of 27 awards, including the World “Best Terminal” at the Skytrax Awards. In addition, it is the first airport in the world to have an excellent BREEAM certification.

Terminal 2, The Queen’s terminal, inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England on June 23, 2014, has become a landmark building in terms of its energy efficiency. It is the first airport in the world to obtain the BREEAM Excellent rating, due to a system designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% through the combination and development of active and passive energy systems.

Credit: © Luis Vidal + architects

Credit: © Luis Vidal + architects

The proposed construction method minimizes the impact on existing facilities and on the urban surroundings. This is possible due to innovative solutions based on modular systems and through a carefully designed construction program.

The new T2 is defined by a roof whose three large waves emphasize the three main parts of the process passengers go through before flying: check-in, security control, and boarding. In this way, function and shape are fully integrated, helping passengers to easily orientate themselves through the terminal in an intuitive and natural way.

The roof waves are tilted against each other, creating skylights in their north-facing intersections, allowing the entry of natural light, while reducing solar radiation and providing significant energy savings.

Credit: © Luis Vidal + architects

Credit: © Luis Vidal + architects

Founded in 2004, Luis Vidal + architects have worked on more than 200 projects in varying scales, each of which having received an award.  The practice is internationally renowned for its expertise in the design of aviation, healthcare, museums and office buildings and is currently working at the international airports of Denver, Boston Logan, Pittsburgh and Dallas Forth Worth.

“Our philosophy relies on improving the quality of life through design, focusing on the user as the starting point and main priority in all projects we work on,” stated Luis Vidal, founder and CEO, Luis Vidal + architects. “With our commitment to social, environmental and economic sustainability, we invite clients to collaborate on projects with our team in order to leave a lasting legacy for years to come.”

The practice is pursuing a strategy of expansion in Asia, Canada, South America and the United States.  They are internationally recognized for applying a user-focused architecture aimed at enhancing the “passenger experience”.

For more information about Luis Vidal + architects, its array of projects and various awards won, please visit https://luisvidal.com.