Brickworks North America Corporation (Brickworks N.A.), the parent company of Glen-Gery Corporation, through a newly formed subsidiary, today reached a binding agreement to acquire substantially all of Redland Brick Inc.’s assets related to its Cushwa, Harmar, Rocky Ridge, Lawrenceville Brick and Tru-Brix product lines. Completion of the transaction is expected to occur in early 2020. At that time, these Redland Brick product lines will join the Glen-Gery family of brands. In addition, Brickworks will acquire all KF-branded products remaining in the KF yard, becoming a distributor of these products following completion of the transaction in early 2020.

Taking a leading role within the brick industry, Brickworks continues to drive its strategic plan for expansion and industry consolidation. The Redland Brick acquisition comes on the heels of Brickworks’ August, 2019, acquisition of Sioux City Brick. According to Mark Ellenor, President, Brickworks N.A., “We are seeing strong growth in the demand for high-quality, innovative brick products for broad commercial and residential applications. To meet this demand, investment in modernized brick plants and robust R&D efforts are essential. Consolidation of brands and facilities is the key to strengthening the market and securing the future. Brickworks is pleased to lead the industry in innovation and promotion of bricks.”

Redland Brick produces a complete line of handmade, molded and extruded face brick, pavers and thin brick for the architectural and residential markets. Headquartered in Williamsport, Maryland, Redland Brick operates four manufacturing plants that will be acquired as part of the transaction, including two in Maryland, and one each in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The transaction will expand Glen-Gery’s reach in the Southern U.S. region, and the addition of Redland Brick’s modern manufacturing plants will strengthen Glen-Gery’s ability to more efficiently meet the growing supply demands of distributors and customers. In addition, Redland Brick’s well- respected brands will further extend Glen-Gery’s industry-leading selection of product styles, colors and textures. In particular, Redland Brick’s Cushwa brand will expand Glen-Gery’s premium product line of innovative brick designs for the high-style needs of architects, interior designers and design professionals.

“Major cities in our region, including New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit all have a strong heritage of brick construction,” said Ellenor. “We are confident the superior technical and aesthetic qualities of brick will ensure a bright future and continued strong demand.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Belden Brick Chairman and CEO, Robert F. Belden said that the acquisition of the Redland Brick assets by Brickworks is a positive for all involved. “The hard work and success of Redland Brick and its employees gained the attention of Brickworks, an international building products leader. Redland’s staff who will be joining Glen-Gery will now have the advantage of being part of this highly successful company with exciting plans for the future in the U.S. market. As part of the Glen-Gery family, these Redland staff will share a long and proud heritage of fine brick making. For Belden Brick, the acquisition allows us to focus on our operations in Ohio.”

Since entering the North American market with the acquisition of Glen-Gery in 2018, Brickworks N.A. has rapidly pursued its strategic vision to strengthen the brick industry and promote brick as the material of choice for design-driven commercial and residential applications. According to Mark Ellenor, “In light of the well-publicized failures and concerns over other sub-standard building materials being used around the world, we take pride in the timeless appeal and durability of our products.”

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About Brickworks Limited
Brickworks Limited is a publicly listed Australian-owned company (ASX code: BKW), Australia’s largest brickmaker and one of that country’s leading building products companies. Brickworks traces its history to 1908, today offering products including bricks, masonry blocks, retaining wall systems, pavers, roof tiles, precast concrete panels, timber products and more. The company distributes its products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through Brickworks North America Corporation, Brickworks Limited has a presence in the North American market through ownership of Glen-Gery and Sioux City Brick.

About Glen-Gery
Glen-Gery, part of Brickworks Limited of Australia, is a premier brand and award-winning manufacturer of brick and stone products, and a distributor of in-house manufactured and globally sourced exterior/interior building products. Through expansive manufacturing and sales facilities, and a dealer network across North America, the company offers a broad product portfolio, when and where needed, to meet the growing demands of the building industry. Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery is headquartered in Wyomissing, Pa.

About Redland Brick
Headquartered in Williamsport, Maryland, Redland Brick is a manufacturer of handmade, molded and extruded face brick, pavers and thin brick for the architectural and residential markets. The company operates four brick manufacturing plants in Williamsport and Rocky Ridge, Maryland, Lawrenceville, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Redlands brands include Cushwa, Harmar, Rocky Ridge, Lawrenceville Brick and Tru-Brix. The company has a staff of approximately 200 employees.