Chicago, IL – gb&d is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Women in Sustainability Leadership Awards. gb&d—the magazine for today’s leading green professional with a mission to create a more sustainable world—created the awards to celebrate women making lasting change. The award strives to identify and give opportunities to future women in leadership.

The ultimate goal of the awards is to create a central hub that identifies and connects the most powerful women at the forefront of sustainability. WSLA recognizes and advances these top-level female sustainability executives who then, in turn, support younger women with dreams of reaching such levels of success. “We’re very excited and proud as we’ve watched the event, which is now in its fifth year, continue to grow,” says publisher and CEO Chris Howe. “We believe it’s more important than ever to recognize the incredible work these women are doing. These are the women in the industry who are working to make the world a better place.”

President and associate publisher of gb&d Laura Heidenreich says, “We strive to not only honor these inspiring women, but also to bring them together in the same room. Their hard work and enthusiasm is infectious. We’re honored to sit at the table with them for one night.” gb&d recognizes the winners during a special reception in Chicago on Nov. 13.

The 2018 WSLA Winners making an impact on our environment are: Jane Abernethy of Humanscale; Ranae Anderson of Universal Fibers, Jennifer Berthelot-Jelovic of A SustainAble Production, Dr. Christine Bruckner of M Moser Associates, Gina LaMotte of EcoRise, Yasmeen Lari of Heritage Foundation of Pakistan, Kimberly Lewis of USGBC, Sara Neff of Kilroy Realty Corporation, Kimberly Pittel of Ford Motor Company, Andrea Traber of Integral Group, and Alicia Daniels Uhlig of International Living Future Institute. Read more about each of the winners here.

The magazine is thrilled to present the fifth annual WSLA in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council and Halstead/MetroFlor. Winners were selected by a judging panel that includes Rochelle Routman of Halstead/MetroFlor and chair of the WSLA Alumni Group, Marisa Long of USGBC, Amanda Sturgeon of International Living Future Institute, and Chris Howe and Laura Heidenreich of gb&d. These women will also be honored as part of Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Chicago on November 15 at the Women in Green Luncheon. This year marks the inaugural WSLA Summit with speakers Sandra Henry, Chicago’s chief sustainability officer, and Arathi Gowda, associate director at SOM, in Chicago.