Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a  manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, expands its self-adhered product offering with the addition of Elastoflex SA V Polar Base™ and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap™. Optimized for performance in colder conditions, the company says these resilient roofing membranes save on labor and can extend the roofing season.

Elastoflex SA V Polar Base and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap allow for roof system installation in temperatures that are between 25°F – 60°F (4°C – 16°C). Designed for long-term performance, the company says the Elastoflex SA V Polar Base is fiberglass-reinforced for excellent dimensional stability. Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap has a UV-stabilized granule surface and is polyester-reinforced for exceptional puncture and tear resistance, states Polyglass USA.

Manufactured with ADESO® Dual-Compound Self-Adhered Technology, these  membranes provide a cleaner installation, improve application speed, and eliminate the need for torches, according to Polyglass USA. Both base and cap sheets use an SBS (elastomeric) formulation on the top weathering side of the reinforcement and an aggressive self-adhesive formulation on the bottom side.

“We are excited to introduce roofing solutions that may extend the roofing season,” says Polyglass CEO Natalino Zanchetta. “We continue to focus on innovation and providing products that make roofing in challenging weather conditions possible.”