MINNEAPOLIS – May 22, 2018 – Today, Field Nation – a company that connects businesses with service providers to complete projects – moved into its new headquarters, located in the recently renovated Baker Building. With the company’s rapid growth over the past several years, the office is more than 35,000-square-feet and will accommodate approximately 115 employees with room for expansion.

Field Nation’s new headquarters, designed by Studio BV, located in the recently renovated Baker Building in Minneapolis.Designed by Minneapolis-based Studio BV, the new office pays homage to Field Nation’s work in tech with bold colors, modern furnishings and design elements that incorporate key tenets of the company’s mission and brand. As Field Nation’s product platform connects people to opportunities and empowers success, the space encourages collaboration and creativity with an open-floor plan and numerous conference and meeting rooms. The designated work areas throughout the office are also open, with executives positioned amongst the teams they oversee.

The space’s showpiece is custom orange conduits, inspired by circuit boards, that travel throughout the entire office space and create a connected network between employees, teams and visitors. The circuit board is an iconic representation of a technological network with precise paths that serve to connect and move electricity as needed. As it relates to Field Nation, each individual experience or path has a distinct purpose leading to the next connection. Field Nation is the platform that helps make these connections happen. The custom conduits – which start in the elevator lobby – bring the metaphor and brand to life.

“The new office is the first time we have a space that reflects what we do and who we are as a brand,” said Mynul Kahn, founder and CEO of Field Nation. “This is a critical moment for us as a company, and we are excited to be in a space that will drive success, support our vision and allow us to grow.”

In addition to the design work by Studio BV, the construction build-out was completed by Gardner Builders. Furniture and AV equipment were provided by iSpace.

For more information about Field Nation, please visit www.fieldnation.com