Turn an ordinary space into a showstopper with new colored hardwood floors 

New York, Brooklyn-born hardwood flooring company Madera is introducing a new collection of high-quality, handmade wood floors in a series of unique colors. The collection is rolling out this fall, with a variety of vibrant, beautiful colors: Indigo, a lustrous deep blue, Ochre, a warm golden hue, Green, a calm lucid turquoise, and Vermillion Red, a dramatic scarlet, along with black and white.

Madera’s aim is to provide the most beautiful natural wood flooring with a fresh and high-quality finish, and the Color Collection is designed to meet these standards. Creating these unusual floors requires meticulous craftsmanship to properly dye the wood while still letting its beautiful natural qualities shine through. The vibrant hues are achieved by carefully applying select plant and mineral based dyes to Madera’s popular wide plank ash, creating a stunning contrast in the already lively ash grain.

Each color will be available in a natural version as well as an Aniline finish that is less prone to discoloration when exposed to light.

Madera Indigo Color Collection. Photo credit: George Del Barrio

Madera Indigo Color Collection. Photo credit: George Del Barrio

The dynamic Indigo floor shown above is achieved by carefully applying three coats of plant-based dye to wide plank American Ash, transforming this otherwise light wood into a deep blue that is reminiscent of a midsummer night sky. The finishing seal – a waterborne polyurethane – locks in the color and adds a luminous shimmer.

Madera’s new Color Collection presents an exciting and unexpected approach to hardwood floors as we know them, giving homeowners and businesses a new opportunity to spark joy and decorate with style.

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About Madera
Madera was founded with a clear objective: to offer a curated collection of high quality, beautiful, and sustainable wood products for the architecture and design community. They connect sawmills, architects, installers, and homeowners together in a transparent and collaborative process, embracing a “back to basics” approach with a fresh, natural aesthetic. Our aim is simply to provide the most beautiful wood floors with fresh natural finishes while creating an experience that is transparent, educational and easy.