HAYWARD, Calif.- July 11, 2019 – Kinestral Technologies, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Halio® smart-tinting glass, announced that it has deployed a European version of its Halio Cloud Control System that is compliant with the European Union’s data and privacy laws. Kinestral began large-scale shipments of Halio from its manufacturing facility in Taiwan for projects in Europe early last quarter.

The company states that based on next-generation technology, Halio is the only smart glass that looks like natural glass in its clear state until it tints to neutral gray shades to stop unwanted glare and solar heat, while giving users complete privacy-on-demand. With tinting speeds up to 10 times faster than older generation products, Halio responds in seconds to changing light conditions.

The Halio Cloud Control System was designed to release the full power of Halio, allowing for manual or automated control as well as secure interaction with almost any third-party device and building automation system. Kinestral Technologies, Inc. explains that together, Halio smart windows and the Halio Cloud provide users with the most advanced natural light management system – one that can be optimized for the perfect tint level for any time of day and day of year, factoring in not just sunlight and brightness levels but also user preferences.

“The Halio system begins with the most advanced glass technology available today, but the heavy computing that allows Halio to know when and how much to tint so that occupants have the perfect amount of natural light at any given time happens in the Halio Cloud,” said Paul Nagel, chief product development officer of Kinestral Technologies. The Halio Cloud is designed to meet differing international standards, including the EU data privacy regulations, without any disruption to user operations anywhere in the world.

“Our cloud-based structure also future-proofs the Halio system by allowing it to adapt to new software and hardware systems that don’t yet exist,” added Nagel. “Obsolescence is an issue for the industry as a whole, and we think it’s important that our customers’ investment doesn’t become outdated over time.”

Halio is available exclusively through Halio North America and Halio International, joint venture companies created by Kinestral and AGC, Inc., the world’s largest flat glass manufacturer. Additional information about Halio smart-tinting glass is available at www.Halioglass.com.