Kirei is pleased to debut EchoCloud Diamond and EchoPanel Diamond Tiles, two of the newest additions to the company’s EchoPanel series—a collection of decorative, functional, and acoustic products that include panels, systems, tiles, and partitions.

“When designed right, acoustic products have the potential to offer limitless versatility and unique aesthetics,” said John Stein, President of Kirei. “EchoCloud Diamond and EchoPanel Diamond Tiles are modular elements that interlock for cohesiveness, allowing designers to create an exceptional look that is easily customized to the client and space.”

EchoCloud Diamond

EchoCloud Diamond

EchoCloud Diamond, an acoustic ceiling system of interlocking three-dimensional clouds, provides sound absorption, diffusion, and maximum visual impact through its modern simplicity and uncompromising, architectural design, according to the company. The modular system, developed with the environment in mind, helps to quiet noisy open-space environments—no matter the ceiling type. EchoCloud Diamond offers a simple installation process as it may be hung by using cable suspension and Kirei’s Flat Track flexible mounting system. This system boosts ceiling design capabilities, and can hide distracting ceiling fixtures such as unattractive air vents or HVAC units.

EchoPanel Diamond Tiles also provide sophistication in any interior space while minimizing harsh echoes off hard surfaces. The company states the diamond’s shape was thoughtfully designed to ensure more advanced, balanced sound control to match its powerfully minimalist style and on-wall placement versatility. EchoPanel Diamond Tiles offer a simple installation process as they are mounted using a standard construction adhesive and can adhere to any flat wall surface.

Both EchoCloud Diamond and EchoPanel Diamond Tiles are available in single, 2-, 5-, and 10-diamond clusters with each diamond extending 6.5 inches in depth. Single diamond tiles measure 13.9 inches x 12 inches; 2-diamond clusters measure 13.9 inches x 24.1 inches; 5-diamond clusters measure 24.4 inches x 36.1 inches; and 10-diamond clusters measure 45.2 inches x 36.1 inches. Each diamond has 187 cubic inches of airspace resulting in increased sound absorption at lower frequencies, improving the acoustic properties of the product.

EchoCloud Diamond and EchoPanel Diamond Tiles are crafted from responsibly sourced acoustic materials made from recycled raw materials. Over 107 million plastic bottles have been reclaimed and turned into EchoPanel products. EchoPanel has DECLARE certification, is Red List chemical free, and helps spaces qualify for LEED credits and other green building or sustainability certifications. The EchoPanel series comes in 27 vibrant colorways or can be customized according to a specific design concept.

In addition, Kirei says EchoCloud Diamond and EchoPanel Diamond Tiles can be paired together to achieve design unity in any space.