Raleigh, NC – What if a building could restore the environment? What if it could break down pollution and act like a forest? What if it could make its occupants healthier and safer? Lapitec, as a part of Modern Surfaces, incorporates Bio-Care technology proving to more than just a surface, but a health tool. The technology breaks down and washes away organic atmospheric particles which can deposit in the surface.

Lapitec Featuring Bio-Care TechnologyDuring production of Bio-Care, Lapitec incorporates a special form of titanium dioxide (TiO2). Titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst to degrade organic matter through oxidation as a result of a reaction to natural sunlight or artificial lighting (photocatalysis). It adds super hydrophilic properties to Lapitec, promoting a washing effect to remove polluting particles from the surface. Due to this important feature, Lapitec is able to be defined as “self-cleaning”. Scientific research has also demonstrated how the powerful oxidation properties of Titanium dioxide destroys bacteria ( as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus), mold fungus, and microorganisms reducing unpleasant odors produced. Lapitec, featuring Bio-Care technology, is the ideal choice for a wide array of locations, especially where cleanliness and hygiene are guaranteed with the added bonus of anti-polluting and self-cleaning properties.

Lapitec’s Bio-Care technology eliminates the health risk of pollution along with the damaging effects on buildings, external cladding, monuments, and infrastructures caused by organic matter build-up depositing on surfaces. Bio-Care technology creates the ability for the surfaces to clean themselves, as well as the air. In fact, 100 square meters of Laptiec is the equivalent CO2 of more than 25 trees. For more information on Lapitec’s Bio-Care technology, visit: https://www.lapitec.com.