SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings announced December 28 the release of four new and three revised technical standards.  Please click the title of each standard below to see the details and descriptions of the standards.

The four new standards include:

SSPC-PA 19, Standard for Visual Evaluation of Pinholes in a Concrete or Masonry Coating

Committee Name: C.8.1, Commercial Cleaning and Painting
Committee Chair Name and Company:  Sam Scaturro, Alpine Painting
Description of Contents:
This new standard will assist specifiers, contractors and inspectors in determining the acceptability of a coating applied over concrete or masonry substrates. It establishes classification categories for the quantity of pinholes that appear in a defined area of applied coating and provides a procedure for defining the areas of applied coating that will be inspected. Evaluation of the coating is performed with the unaided eye at a distance of approximately 30 cm (12 inches) from the coated surface. The default Pinhole Frequency Level is Moderate (11 to 20 pinholes per ~1 square foot area) unless otherwise specified in the procurement documents. In this standard, no distinction is made between pinholes that expose an underlying coating layer and those that extend to the substrate, but the user is cautioned that procurement documents may have much more stringent acceptance criteria in some service environments.

Stakeholders Value Statement (how the standard can be used):
The standard can be also used by coatings manufacturers and testing laboratories to evaluate coating formulations and applied coatings.  It is not intended to be used on steel or metal substrates, nor is it intended for use with coatings that are aggregate-filled, stipple-finished, or intentionally porous.

SSPC-SP CAB 1, Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Concrete and Cementitious Materials – Thorough Blast Cleaning

SSPC-SP CAB 2, Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Concrete and Cementitious Materials –Intermediate Blast Cleaning

SSPC-SP CAB 3, Abrasive Blast Cleaning of Concrete and Cementitious Materials – Brush Blast Cleaning

The three revised standards include:

SSPC Guide 17, “Guide to Developing a Safety Program for Industrial Painting and Coating Companies”

SSPC-Paint 20, Zinc-Rich Coating Inorganic and Organic

SSPC-Paint 40, Zinc-Rich Moisture-Cure Polyurethane Primer, Performance-Based

All standards are available for download on the SSPC website via the Standards Download Tool and accessible on the SSPC mobile app. Access to standards is free to SSPC members.

Questions about this revision, as well as any others regarding SSPC standards development and technical committees, can be directed to Aimee Beggs at or 412-281-2331, x2223.