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Sustainability in Healthcare Interior Design

When designing for healthcare, there is a delicate balance between sustainability and performance. It is critical for products to perform to the rigors of 24/7 use and stand up to harsh cleaning practices. Thankfully, manufacturers have risen to the challenge. There have been leaps and bounds made in the technologies used to produce these green, yet resilient products.

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KAI Design & Build Finds Inspiration for Alberici Office Renovation Through Client’s Steel Fabrication Expertise

When Alberici Corporation, a major North American construction company, moved to its LEED Platinum corporate headquarters in 2004, two of their subsidiaries—Hillsdale Fabricators and Kienlen Constructors—remained at the Hillsdale, MO office five miles away. KAI’s Architecture and Interior Design teams were recently contracted by Alberici to completely renovate the outdated second floor of the Hillsdale office to provide better workspace for Hillsdale and Kienlen employees.

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ASID Announces 2018 Fellows and Honorary Fellows

Each year, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) bestows the title of Fellow and Honorary Fellow to individuals who demonstrate outstanding service and contributions to the Society, the profession, and the interior design industry. Fellowship is the highest distinction a member can receive from ASIDrecognizes those who are not interior designers but have made outstanding contributions to the profession through their careers and their commitment to ASID and to the interior design industry.

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Studio88 Becomes the West Coast’s First Co-Working Space for Interior Designers

Aimed at arming Orange County’s independent interior design community with the most innovative space to conduct their own business, Studio 88 is a uniquely designed studio space providing local interior designers access to an abundance of resources, as well as the opportunity to create and connect with other industry professionals in a collaborative, all-new creative work environment.

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One Size Fits Me – Designing for the Customization Generation

When it comes to making a house feel like a home, or rather a condo feel like a home, customization is key. Savvy designers have taken note, with many working with new condominium developers to offer efficiently-priced upgrades and leading the charge in design centers where homeowners can tailor their space, moving beyond lighting fixtures and window treatments and including tricked out tech packages and upgraded sleeping sanctuaries.

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Creating experiences to help build futures in education

Housed in the 1920’s Varlow Building, DonorsChoose.org occupies an entire floor of this historic building. In collaboration with VWB Architects, the new space has been created to support their unique business model and working style. The most significant feature in the space is a centrally located “fort” built from a system of modular wood boxes.  This structure houses multiple functions and removable panels of felt, chalkboard material or wood allow for infinite combinations of use and aesthetic. The space accommodates a meeting room, a study nook, pin-up surfaces and multiple options for storage and display. Workstations and collaborative tables are dispersed throughout the space to provide a variety of public and private working postures.

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STAPLES Center completes final piece of its three year, $20 million upgrade project

STAPLES Center and AEG tasked MEIS Architects to create and design the new looks for all 170 Private Suites and the 16 Event Suites. The unique connection with MEIS Architects is that Dan Meis, Founder and Managing Principal of MEIS Architects, was one of the original architects of STAPLES Center.  Each Private Suite has a sophisticated and contemporary feel with new carpeting, cabinet finishes, and wood grain floor tile, that all adds up to a distinctly contemporary design.  All 170 suites in the venue will be updated to reflect the state-of-the-art in-suite amenity.  Suite holders today prefer a more social, less formal vibe and a configuration that promotes interaction and casual conversation, in addition to watching the event.

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Behr Paint introduces 2017 Color Currents

Each year, the team of color experts at Behr immerse themselves in an extensive process to curate the latest hues by examining trends in art, product design, fashion and architecture. This forecast, paired with the modern ways in which people live, results in the development of the BEHR Color Currents, an all-new collection of on-trend paint colors.

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May-June-2018 PRISM

Editor’s pick – Takeda Global Headquarters

Takeda Global Headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan. In the 1st floor entrance space, a large circular stone filled with flowing water and light symbolizes “the source of life”, and wooden artwork made of three-dimensional kanji motifs for “water” and “light” lines the walls.

Takeda Global Headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan. In the 1st floor entrance space, a large circular stone filled with flowing water and light symbolizes “the source of life”, and wooden artwork made of three-dimensional kanji motifs for “water” and “light” lines the walls.

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