PRISM 2019 Media Kit

A PDF version of the 2019 PRISM Editorial Calendar can be found here. The 2019 Media kit is coming soon! If you have questions now, please feel free to give us a call at +1 412 376 4708 or email Emma Kapp.

PRISM Sustainability Partners are companies who show their support for furthering sustainable architectural design and building. More information can be found on PRISM’s Sustainability Partners page.



PRISM 2018 Media Kit

PRISM Sustainability in the Built Environment is a growth-oriented publication covering all aspects of sustainability in architectural built environment. An online bimonthly publication and daily website ensure readers have all of the latest information on sustainable building design and materials at their fingertips.

2018 PRISM Media Kit

PRISM partners with the industry to transcend the typical definition of ‘sustainability’ to illuminate the essence of sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of the architectural built environment.

PRISM integrates the whole building — providing timely news and information on building science, color and design; historic restoration and preservation; landscape architecture; urban and exurban planning; and industry news, focusing on the commercial and institutional markets.

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Download the entire 2018 PRISM Media Kit.




PRISM 2017 Media Kit

Download PRISM 2017 Media Kit.
Download PRISM 2017 Editorial Calendar.
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